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Meet Magiggs, the esteemed wedding DJ with over 20 years of industry experience. Known for his high-energy shows and exceptional entertainment prowess, he's a master of creating memorable moments. Magiggs excels at tailoring performances to a wedding's unique vibe, understanding the intricacies of each event, whether intimate or grand.

His diverse music collection spans decades, effortlessly transitioning between genres and appealing to all ages.

Magiggs' unmatched mixing talents ensure a non-stop musical journey, flawlessly shifting from song to song. It's not just about the tunes; his magnetic stage presence and crowd interaction make the experience immersive.

Choosing Magiggs guarantees an unforgettable wedding atmosphere filled with joy, dancing, and personal touches. He's the top pick for couples wanting an unparalleled musical experience.


When he's not entertaining or spinning the decks you will find Magiggs at home in Castlewellan.

Magiggs loves spending quality time with his wife Meabh and daughters Ella & Cara. If he is not on daddy duty you will find him on a golf course, eating breakfast in Railway Street or lunch in Quinn's!

To hear more Magigg's personal life, adversities & struggles listen to his podcast!

Living life as a recovering addict with a passion for helping others.

Off Your Head Podcast
Northern Ireland Wedding Awards


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